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Cucent can partner with organizations in

  • Role-based assessment of competency levels of key players.

  • Identify areas where intervention may be required for optimal CX delivery.

  • Identify the type, span and depth of intervention required for personnel with both the core organization as well as the partner ecosystem.

Cucent can be your partner of choice in the capability development initiatives and consulting for your organisation with our customized programs and methods for people in all levels of the organization.

Cucent’s interventions and Trainings are designed to achieve defined goals that are measurable with metrics that will have a meaningful impact on business outcomes.

Based on more than three decades of cumulative experience gained by our consultants in the training and consulting domain we have built up industry-specific expertise and knowledge base in Learning Solutions. Our corporate learning solutions are delivered through our  Four-stage "ESPN"™ model.

In the “EXPLORE” stage the participant is encouraged to explore the current practices used in addressing problems and is guided in exploring better practices and methods.

The “SIMULATE/STIMULATE” stage of the learning process involves instructive and interactive classroom sessions that include discussions on case lets (case studies) This provides an environment to the participants to think differently and come up with solutions that break mindset and perception barriers.

In the “PRACTICE” phase they are then made to practice through different methods like role plays and/or “on the job” projects allowing them to apply the learning.  The modified mindset and confidence gained “NATURALIZE” the participant’s new way of thinking, communication and behaviour.

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